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Paris Match "Le Sport Se Voile La Face”

2012. "Sport Sails The Face" Interviewed by Alvina Ledru as an expert at Paris Match, July 18.

Sertac Sehlikoglu, author of the blog "Muslim Women in Sport" and interviewed by, is pleased "This is a very positive political stance, especially since sport has become a tool for emancipation for women. And FIFA does not neglect the emancipation of veiled women. It also highlights the influence of such an act: "I think that FIFA has taken a step towards a positive change, and this will definitely influence the attitudes of Islamist countries towards Olympic sportsmen. She launched a campaign, "#IranianFemaleOlympiansRighttoUnveil", to support Iranian women at the London Games. If the controversy swells in France, the FFF has however made things clear for French sportswear: the wearing of the veil will not be allowed on the grounds.

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Associated Press "New Sports Uniforms Level Playing Field for Muslim Girls”

2015. “New Sports Uniforms Level Playing Field for Muslim Girls” Interviewed by Jeff Baenen from Associated Press as an expert. Reprinted in, among others, Huffington Post, New York Times, and Daily Mail, July 1.

Toronto Star "FIFA to vote on lifting hijab ban, Prince Ali says scarf poses no danger"

Sertac Sehlikoglu Karakas is a PhD candidate in social anthropology at the University of Cambridge. The Turkish-Canadian is  owner of the blog muslimwomeninsports . Sehlikoglu Karakas says “sports is an important tool to empower women” but it’s wrong to assume all Muslim women are carbon copies of each other. For instance, the Istanbul native notes FIFA’s current ban doesn’t exclude Muslims females who don’t wear head scarves. “(The term) ‘Muslim women’ is not a single group looking, thinking and feeling similar,” Sehlikoglu Karakas writes in an email. “So, such a (soccer) ban drives away one group of Muslim women who believe in modesty and prefer to observe Islam in terms of dress code. These women often face bans in international games and cannot participate. However, it is equally important to recognize that there are Muslim sportswomen who have been competing in international games for decades . . . who do not follow Islamic dress codes or simply do not believe that such

Biamag "Londra Olimpiyatları'nda Neler Oluyor?"

2012. “Londra Olimpiyatlarında Neler Oluyor?” A feminist review of London Olympics. My twitter campaign for Iranian Female Olympians’ Right to Unveil is featured in independent media news agent Bianet I started this campaign  (#IranianFemaleOlympiansRighttoUnveil) as a necessary response after FIFA’s decision to allow hijab in international games, still leaving no space for us to hear women’s own choices, July 28. "İran'daki yasalar gereğince müsabakalar sırasında başlarını örtmek zorunda olan İranlı kadın sporcuların Olimpiyatlar'a başörtüsüz katılabilmesi için bir kampanya başlatıldı. İngiltere'de Cambridge Üniversitesi Antropoloji Bölümü'nde doktora öğrencisi olan  Sertaç Sehlikoğlu 'nun "Muslim Women in Sports" (Sporda Müslüman Kadınlar) isimli blog'u aracılığıyla Twitter'da başlattığı kampanya kısa bir süre içinde hızla yayıldı. Kampanya, #IranianFemale